I went right back to the religion fair. This time I heard a speech of the High Priest of the Balakri religion. The Prophet Balakri, we were told, was the Messiah, born in the fifth-century holy land of Mesambia.

I had another encounter with God that night. “You’re a great discriminator, aren’t you, God? Why does the fifth century have to be the enlightened century and why does Mesambia have to be the holy land? What’s wrong with my century, for instance? And what’s wrong with my land?”

To which God replied, “A feast day is holy because it shows that all the days of the year are holy. And a sanctuary is holy because it shows that all places are sanctified. So the Messiah is called the Son of God to show that everyone is divine.”

a story from “The Song of the Bird” by Anthony de Mello