Creative activity abounds at SCL programs. On November 7th, twenty-one participants in the Origami for Christmas program enjoyed making angels and a decorative basket from paper folding. Socializing added to the fun of work of the hands.  On December 5th Coloring your own Christmas Card will provide another time for use of creative talents and enjoying the companionship of others.

Monthly meetings of Creative Community and the SCL Prayer Shawl Group give more opportunities for creativity and socializing.

For those who enjoy reading and discussion with others, the Winter Book Discussion offers reading about indigenous peoples approaches to the environmental crisis of today. Sign up by January 6 to obtain the books and prepare for some thought provoking ideas and challenges.

Your spirit can be refreshed as we enter into the Lenten season by viewing the DVD series  on the Spirit of Life.

Your participation is appreciated.

See our Winter Newsletter for coming events and join us for new ideas and inspiration for your daily life.